thePiecemakers – The Golden Era Mixtape

Antonio “PAZ1” Appling and Nate “KnewBalance” Whitsell, thePiecemakers, will be releasing their first mixtape, The Golden Era Mixtape, tomorrow.  After seven years of working and performing together, the two have finally compiled enough hours to put together a completed project.  The mixtape is, fittingly, full of hip hop’s most loved beats by its most revered artists, most of which are from the period of hip hop that many refer to as the “golden era (age)”.  The duo take the themes that are a part of the fabric of the music and try to approach them in clever ways, while never forgetting to proceed with respect toward those who have passed this tradition and culture down.  This project will prove to be a pivotal piece of art in both PAZ1’s and KnewBalance’s growth as thePiecemakers, and equally as individual artists.  First thing tomorrow, 04.20.2011, you can visit and download the mixtape for free.  I suggest you do so now and listen to what they did on their G.O.O.D. December project so that you might get a glimpse of the great growth that has take place in a short period of time.  Peace and Love.



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