Mr. Brady and Sha Dula | Lava Lamp EP (prod. by TEREM)

San Diego’s landscape and weather breed a laid back culture and few emcees’ voices can embody such a vibe as well as Mr. Brady of the San Diego hip hop group, Deep Rooted.  For the Lava Lamp EP, Mr. Brady teams up with Texas emcee, Sha Dula, and renowned French producer Terem, and features two of indie-hop’s finest, LA’s LMNO and Canadian Moka Only.

Etherial synth sounds ease the listener into the mellow, yet edgy, world of Lava Lamp.  At the end of the first verse of the opening track, Get Lost, Mr. Brady states that “[if] your not feelin’ it yet, there’s somethin’ wrong wit’ you” and he may very well be right.  While Lava Lamp is no venture into uncharted musical waters, it comfortably sits within what most would consider dope boom bap hip hop.

The album is conscious and fun, keeping the listener grounded while allowing room for dreaming and optimism.  LMNO’s signature syncopated vocals are smoothed out on the EP’s strongest track, The Struggle, a song that anyone pursuing his/her dream can relate to.  Something You Can Feel feat. Moka Only is also a strong track and the beat sounds like something you would have heard Moka rappin’ over circa Lime Green.

Lava Lamp was released just in time for summer and will compliment any sunny day drive, whether locally or road tripping north along the coast.  This is independent hip hop at its finest: three great artists collaborating and putting out music that they want to put out and distributing it via, which makes it both accessible and affordable.  Lava Lamp is a recommended purchase, available

Peace and Love,



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