Urban Underground Weekly presents: Where You Should be on Wednesday Nights in SD

Urban Underground Weekly continues to provide authentic hip hop for the people of San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.  San Diego’s Kava Lounge provides refuge from gimmick-heavy, commercially exploited rap for hip hop heads, and anyone who enjoys good, live music, on Wednesday nights.

Last Wednesday night, May 11th, was a mid-week oasis for parched souls in a desert of daily grinds, nine-to-fives, unappreciative bosses, unemployment and all around tough times.  Many of the artists that night shared the mentality that the music is one thing that helps us all maneuver such obstacles and brings us together in a culture that often divides.  Mr. Lif was the headliner and certainly lived up to his rep.

This Wednesday night, May 18th, UUW and Kava help to carry hip hop’s legacy into the future by supporting her roots via an emcee battle.  Nowadays most rappers can’t even freestyle, let alone eloquently degrade (in good fun and humor… mostly) another emcee placed in front of him/her without previously written material.  The “Ultimate Freestyle Battle of MCs” kicks off with round one this week, accompanied by performances by Aspect1 and others.  Don’t miss this event!

Next Wednesday night, May 25th, the Kava Lounge and everyone within will be blessed by the music of Typical Cats. These fellas are just plain dope and you will regret not being in attendance this night!  Nikki and the Mongoloid uber-literate lady emcees and Left In Company (Anek and Generik) emcee and emcee/beatbox extraordinaire, both openers for Mr. Lif last week, will be among the openers for Typical Cats.  When you need respite from the work week, come and join Urban Underground Weekly at the Kava Lounge for some soul medicine.

Peace and Love,



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