Sound Collage Musik presents: Austruk | The Generation

San Diego youngster, Austruk, released his first full-length album, The Generation, earlier this year.  The album is addressed to his peers, his generation if you will, and seems to be a call to action.  The production for The Generation is provided solely by Sound Collage Musik, a local production team that is quite skilled at what it does (click HERE to learn a little bit more about them).  SCM has gotten the intro track down, Austruk’s opening song is powerful, both on the production end and in respect to ‘Struk’s delivery.  Now, Austruk is unabashedly, and perhaps a bit forcefully, a Christian rapper.  That being said, many may be turned off by the content of his lyrics, but if you can appreciate his message, or find some point of relation with it, you are certain to, at the very least, appreciate his talent.  

This album allows the listener to get a glimpse into where Austruk is coming from and where he hopes to go.  A high school drop out now attending a charter school who is wrestling with his ideology, sexuality, which he is very open about in XXX, and new identity as a Christian.  The features on the album seem to share very similar views with Austruk; it may make for some interesting music to feature some of his peers who view life from a different angle on his sophomore album.  This young man is talented, dedicated and focused but may not get the recognition those would warrant due to the content, or at least the way in which the content is delivered, in his music at this point.  Whether you share his views, or are diametrically opposed to those views, you can’t knock his hustle.

Peace and Love,

NathanAnthony (KB)


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