Darren G | The Ravenous EP

No other name could have come close to aptly expressing, in one word, the overall tone and mood of Darren G’s The Ravenous EP.  Darren G is significantly above and beyond hungry as he moves through these 10 tracks, devouring anyone who shows any sign of disapproval or weakness.  The illustration that is very reminiscent of (a rabid version of )Buck from Jack London’s The Call of the Wild captures the essence and posture of an emcee who plans on (or at least sounds as if he does) becoming the top dog in SD’s rap game.  The EP opens with scratches of “Darren G”, provided by TONY SLEEZ, leading into the moody first track *Raw Rap Intro*.  Darren G comes out swinging and maintains his stamina for a full ten rounds, delivering blows to any doubters, haters and nay-sayers.  One critique of this verbal onslaught might be that Darren G may come across as a fairly flat character, only having exposed two aspects of his personality: aggressive rhymes and a genuine love for hip hop – not bad characteristics of an emcee, but hopefully the full length album which is slated to drop later this year will fill in some of the gaps.

There are a few tracks that stand out from the rest: *Scene 1* has a relaxed so-cal vibe that is somewhat of a departure from majority of the EP.  *Scene 2* is proof that Darren G is a good storyteller, but his narration is set atop the only beat that doesn’t really feel strong enough to placed among the other nine excellent beats.  *Pair of Fiends* featuring the Wordsmiths’ SOLICIT, carries the listener right back into the braggadocio.  Both rappers don tightly spit verses heavily laden with confidence – you can’t help but believe that these guys can, and will continue to, back up their claims.  The production on *Shut My Eyes* is a guaranteed favorite; the sample pulls the listener in, even before the drums kick in.  Darren G leaves us looking forward to his next move with the promise that he views sleeping as a nemesis as dangerous as death.

The album features SOLICIT, as is mentioned earlier, and JINX13, both of whom definitely pull their own weight lyrically.  The production credits go to Darren G himself, and KAST1 – a fine production for sure.  One critique, though, would be that the beats feel a little too quantized, they lack a bit of a human feel in regard to the drum programming.  Wordsmith SOLICIT was the man behind the boards who is responsible for the clean sound that makes the EP a pleasure to listen to.  As a whole, The Ravenous EP is dope.  I would recommend the download and putting it into rotation on your iPod.  Make sure that you catch Darren G rockin’ mics at a local venue this summer.

You can stay in tune with what Darren G is up to on FACEBOOK or on BANDCAMP

Peace and Love,

NathanAnthony (KB)


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