DJ Wade-O presents… theBreax | Breax Over II (Mixtape)

San Diego’s theBreax and DJ Wade-O recently released their second mixtape in the “Breax Over” series, Breax Over II.  Ruslan, Beleaf, MicB and DJ Wade-O did a stand-up job on this one!  

The beauty of technology is that listeners/fans can really learn about where an artist(s) is in his/her/their life in close to real time.  TheBreax are taking full advantage of such and are putting music out at a fairly consistent and rapid pace.  *Keep up with them HERE.*  I learned of this mixtape when I came across a video they released for track number four, “Passion Art”, and did a quick review HERE.  The track more than caught my ear (and eye) and I was so impressed with it that I had to check out the mixtape from whence it came.  (Passion Art is such a strong track that it is surprising that it is on a mixtape and not a full-length album)

Breax Over II pulls the listener in with the beat from “Intro” on Pharoahe Monch’s Desire and the team is firing on all cylinders from the get go. Ruslan is typically the lead on tracks, most likely due to his high-energy style which is realized most fully at live shows.  In typical fashion he gains the listeners’ ears and then Beleaf drives home the themes/concepts on a sincere and deep level.  The two emcees are joined by the Visionaries’ LMNO and north county’s hip hop hometown hero, Blame One, on one of the tape’s must listens, How Long.  So good to hear LMNO’s signature cadence on top of the beat and Blame One rounds out the track nicely with his true emcee’s presence on the last verse.  Another must listen is Classic Mix Pt. 1; the beat is just that, classic, and the emcees do the beat justice with their content and delivery.

Breax Over II is a mixtape for the working class.  The tape is laden with real life rhymes and a blue collar vibe throughout (it is even stated explicitly a few times).  theBreax do a fine job of showing the interaction/interrelatedness of their lives and their ideologies, and even though they dance on the edge of the fine line of being preachy, they do not isolate themselves from those who may not share the same beliefs.  The group is currently working on a full-lenght studio album, to which the public can contribute financially HERE.  Whether you pass the mixtape around or financially aid the trio in seeing their next project come to fruition, be sure to support local hip hop!

Peace and Love,

NathanAnthony (KB)


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