EQ | The Interview

DC emcee, EQ (equaleyes), recently released the visual accompaniment to a track titled The Interview, one of many gems off of his recently released mixtape, Define Dreamer.  The track is produced by ek (Ewan Kay) and is silky, with the feel of the golden era of hip hop (many will likely recognize the sample, but he chopped it well).  EQ seems to be on his way up and, as is to be expected, he is paying dues and creating credentials, solidifying his right to be heard.  “I ain’t sayin I’m the best/but there are few that do it better/they say that money talks/I’m far from speaking fluent cheddar/but I speak through every letter/while you speak about Berettas/I’ll be over here writin’ and speakin’ shit that can’t be measured…” is among some of the nuggets of wisdom that this youthful sage shares on “The Interview”.  If you enjoy the video, click on EQ’s name at the beginning of the review and download Define Dreamer.  Support independent hip hop!

Peace and Love,

NathanAnthony (KB)


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