DJ Shag | Made With My Phone

DJ Shag is separating the wheat from the chaff in hip hop.  SD DJ/Producer, DJ Shag recently released an album titled Made With My Phone, an album comprised of beats made solely on his iPhone, using Intua’s Beatmaker app.  Shag also shot and edited the *Technology* music video with his iPhone.  The quality of this album, combined with the means by which it came about, should make all beatsmiths and producers who think that it is the equipment that controls the quality/authenticity of the music want to quit.  DJ Shag upholds the notion that it is not what you are working with, rather it’s the sound coming out of it.

The first track seems to be a sort of flexing of the skills of both Shag on the beat, and Dr. Progresso who contributes the scratches – a great intro into what the listener can expect.  The second song on the album, *Technology* features some of SD’s finest emcees: BlameOne, Jimmy Powers, Sojourn of Future Shock, Kaus and The Anti Citizens.  This track embodies the warring that takes place inside of those in hip hop who struggle to juggle the history and future of the art form.  What a relevant track on an album composed entirely of beats that were created on an Apple iPhone, which some purists may try to disqualify, while others are more focused on the ends than the means.  No one can argue against the quality and authenticity of Made with my Phone, which is chock full of dope beats and
unf—witalble lyrics.  This album has an instant classic, timeless quality that many try to acquire, but it doesn’t feel forced at any point along the journey through the 17 (18) tracks.

Some of the stand out tracks are as follows:  Jimmy Powers kills the fifth track, *Started Out , giving the listener a glimpse into the path that he has taken, from payin’ dues to where he is now.  It is exciting to see Shag working with Uptown Swuite on *Elektrikal Die which just has a really hard edge to it – a good listen.  *You Actually Cared has such a feel good vibe and D Voo’s lyrics and delivery fit right into that vibe, while Emily Ellenwood smooths out the vibe even more on the hook.  *Dedication will have aficionados’ of the golden age of hip hop ears as soon as the sample is intro’d and the scratching begins.  Doug Masters’ vocals on the first verse, followed by that of his West Indies/Supa Unknown affiliate, Defcon5 and of Spearman’s as well all maintain a cadence and content that are befitting the golden era feel of the beat Shag provides.  Last, *The Right Mixture is an excellent farewell track, though it is followed by two instrumentals.

This is an album that I guarantee will be a repeat listen in your playlist.  Support independent, local hip hop!  Click on the album cover in the article and download and share the album.

Peace and Love,

NathanAnthony (KB)


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