Icelantic’s Winter On The Rocks | Atmosphere, Common, Grieves and Budo

Click the poster to navigate to tickets through RSE

Not sure that there are too many better Christmas gifts, materially speaking, than travel expenses and concert tickets to Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  Well, by themselves, maybe there are, but not if we are talking about for Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks concert, featuring Atmosphere, Common and Grieves and Budo.  The goosebumps will not just be from the Colorado winter temperatures, but rather from the soul-stirring music as well.  SAC has often wondered why artists like Atmosphere and Common have not yet crossed paths, and if they have, why they have not yet toured together.  Maybe this will be the beginning of a revolutionary movement, wherein the subcultures within the hip hop subculture will begin to cross lines and will then expose audiences to music that they should have been listening to for a long time now.  Thank God for Icleantic and the willingness of Atmosphere, Common and Grieves and Budo to step into some uncharted waters.

Peace and Love,



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