blu and exile | give me my flowers while i can still smell them

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Hip hop has been on the edge of her seat waiting to see what LA emcee Blu and producer extraordinaire/emcee Exile would follow thier 2007 classic, Below the Heavens, with.  Little did she know, they would re-enter the scene in her peripheral vision.

The dynamic duo recently released give me my flowers while i can still smell them via Blu’s low profile account.  The album is a little less cohesive, and certainly not as epic an ALBUM as Below the Heavens, but is nothing shy of dope.  It should be noted at this point that it is believed that these gems were recorded some time in 2009, two years before we were graced with them.  It seems that Blu’s new method of dissemination is to release a roughly mixed version of his work via bandcamp and then to have it mixed and mastered and officially released months later, as seen with her favorite colo(u)r.

With no further adieu, let us delve into the rough LP.  The intro, a letter, has Exile’s signature all over it and serves as a nice open door, inviting the listener into the world of give me my flowers…  The first actual song, more out of life, is one of those tracks, similar to MED’s This is Your Life (prod. by Exile as well), that you can listen to on repeat for hours.  Blu’s elusive message and metaphysical flow is a reminder of why we love this music – the lyrics are just within reach, but play hard to get.  Tracks 3-6 are good, but fall short of the bar set by BTH.  The album starts to pick back up with she said it’s okay, which is a truths about life type track.  The dreary Mr. Rogers sample follows the previous track well and definitely sets the listener up for what may be the best track on the album, everybody nose, which features Johaz and Fashawn, and Exile also steps out from behind his MPC to get down on the last verse.  Chances are, if you have ever wanted to rap, this track will make you run out to the closest music store to cop an MPC, Fruity Loops, a keyboard or whatever piece of equipment/software you want, and start making music.  It also has the allure of Ahmad’s Back in the Day nostalgia – this track will get heavy rotation here at SAC.

The rest of the album is super solid, and as I said earlier, the entire LP is good, but lacks some of the qualities that makes Below the Heavens a modern classic.  If the producer/emcee supergroup has some cards up its sleeve and puts some refining touches on the the album, we may see them match BTH, but even if the duo decides to leave it as it is, give me my flowers while i can still smell them is another quality contribution the the hip hop canon.

Peace and Love,



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