Black Milk and Danny Brown | The Black and Brown EP

Click on the album cover to listen to BLACK AND BROWN

Super dynamic producer/emcee Black Milk, and outspoken wordsmith Danny Brown aka The Hybrid, hit us with a track called *Black and Brown* off of Black Milk’s 2010 album release dubbed Album of The Year. The team-up on that track prompted a team-up on an album featuring the two talented musicians… enter the EP, self titled, Black and Brown. With that release came the visual release (appears below article) of the acclaimed Black and Brown song which was also a part of the 2011 EP. The duo share rhymes to an orchestral string laden sequence, over gritty boom-bap drums in true Black Milk fashion. The song is definitely a standout, not only on the two albums, but within today’s hip hop and should be heard by anybody in love with the sound of the culture.

As an indicator of what was to come by way of a complete project by the two, *Black and Brown* ensured listeners that they must grab ahold of whatever these artists put out, and anybody who has heard the EP would agree. Albeit short, the Black and Brown EP is an institution on the format of “dope beats dope rhymes” that makes hip hop so easy and yet very difficult at the same time. But if the formula is executed with precision, then you have the key to reaching the masses (possibly the masses of underground heads who live and die hip hop) with a quality product, and Black and Brown have this – not only in their solo careers, but as a team. To list the standouts on this EP would be listing all 11 tracks. (I’m partial to *Nandos, Wake Up, Lol, and Loosie* though) It’s a solid, straightforward album, primarily Black Milk on production, and Danny Brown handling most of the rhyming. No track skipping is required because even the intros have you hooked and bring you into the next head-nodding track, and believe me you will be nodding your head quite frequently. Since the album is so short, why would you not take in all you can? Peep the video and head over to your local record store or digital download distributor (buy it HERE to go directly to Black Milk to cop it) and cop the Black and Brown EP NOW! trust me you will not be disappointed.



“Black and Brown” – video


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