Darren G | Real Life feat. Jank the Menace

The piano intro feels very much like a score to a movie, and how fitting for a track titled Real Life – the most vivid movie one can “watch”.  Darren G is responsible for the chops on the sample and the drums, for stretching the canvas for himself and his Soul Premise affiliate, Jank the Menace.  Jank starts with the first verse; he gives the listener a general blueprint of hardships he has faced, self inflicted and the unavoidable pain that life deal each of us without reason or rhyme.  A hook by Darren G and a bridge by Jank then lead us into the most heartfelt verse I have yet to hear from Darren G.  Darren G removes the mask that a hip hop moniker can provide an artist and he allows his listeners to see the vulnerable side of Darren Gidel.  Darren tackles a subject that many artists shy away from, REAL life – he gently speaks about the fear and anxiety that have accompanied him as he watches his mother fight cancer.  A must listen, not because it is good hip hop, but because it connects us and our stories with one another in what is often an unlikely medium for such.

Peace and Love,



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