Blame One | Lend Me Your Ears feat. Dvoo (prod. Dvoo)

Blame One hits us with a track off of his forthcoming free-t0-download Leaks and Gemz 2, slated to drop in March.  This track is titled Lend Me Your Ears and is produced by Blame’s Mysteries Extinction group-mate, Dvoo- Dvoo also offers vocals on the hook.  Blame One, one part emcee, one part philosopher, drops knowledge on his listener and takes a metaphysical approach to the concept of a thought.  Listen closely.  This is a track that will get repeated plays and is a reminder of the beauty and depth of hip hop, while not becoming outdated.  Enjoy.

Leaks and Gemz 2 will be available in March and features some amazing emcees and the following producers: Exile, J57, Marco Polo, Babu and more.  Keep your ears peeled and be ready to lend Blame One your ears in March.


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