Johaz | The Alina Marin Theory

Click the album cover to download the album for *FREE*

Johaz is a dynamic dude.  He is one fourth of the group Deep Rooted, one half of Dag Savage and one hundred percent dope.  The Alina Marin Theory is a testament of his dopeness as he covers the gamut of love, from physical eros to a more spiritual connection.  The first track is short and sweet, but Johaz’ vocals set the tone for the rest of the album for sure.  Johaz pulls in his Deep Rooted family for the second track, and as is to be expected, each comes correct with his/her respective role.  The third track, featuring Sene, is solid and the two emcees’ styles are quite complimentary.  Just Brea and Johaz step up the tempo on Fair Weather Friend, which settles in nicely under its title.  Watch Some Martin takes a morose turn as far as the beat is concerned while the lyrics don’t necessarily follow.  The EP is rounded out nicely with Digital Love,  a clever take on Zapp and Roger’s Computer Love, with a bit more of a sexual twist.  All hip hop heads should continue to thank their lucky stars for what the digitization of music has provided us with – a plethora of promotional free EP’s and albums!  What a great soundscape for Valentine’s Day 2012.  Cop the download for free by clicking the album cover above and share it with friends.

Peace and (of course) Love,



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