Aaron Evans | We All Work feat. Generik (2012 Video – A Trolley Show)

Thank God for real hip hop, that stays attached to the root from which she grew.  Aaron Evans, of The Green Bros., and Generik ,of SD’s LNC, remind viewers/listeners of why we all love hip hop.  This planned/unplanned show on the trolley in San Diego is a reminder of the importance of the impromptu, in the moment nature, of hip hop, and music in general for that matter, and serves as encouragement to do what you do any- and everywhere.  The content of Evans’ lyrics is fitting for the context, being that most of us who use public transit are blue collar, working class folks and can always use a little encouragement that we are not in it alone as we press on, in and through the daily grind.  The beatbox accompaniment by San Diego upper echelon, underground hip hop head, Generik is dope and provides rhythm and compliments Evans while not being distracting.  DOPE!  Thank you Aaron Evans and Generik.

Peace and Love,



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