MCMF | Patience

It is nice to hear/see what is going on in the underground boom bap/”backpacker” sub genre of hip hop right now.  It seems that true emcees are coming out of the woodwork at a time when everyone thinks he/she is a rapper and is flooding the market with sub-par music.  MCMF is the former and maintains close ties to the history of hip hop, but remains current.  Now, some might overlook this track/emcee/production as “old school”, but the real hip hop heads will recognize it as good music.  MCMF recently released this song/video for a track titled Patience off of his forthcoming (May 29th) album/mixtape, I Can Rap.   He is also the one behind the production on the track, which is simple and complex at once.  The track is what might be labeled “conscious” due to its seriousness and heavily spiritual vibe as well as the socially aware/call to action message.  Looking forward to I Can Rap later this month!

Peace and Love,



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