F. Dreams | Time of Our Lives (2012 Video)

Hip Hop… Dope beats dope rhymes, metaphors, similes, punchlines, deep thought, meaning, reality and seriousness. All of these things characterize, for a lot of people, what the true meaning of what hip hop is. However could fun and celebration fit into that scheme and still be a viable  characteristic of what hip hop could also be? Former resident DJ’s of Jay-Z’s 40/40 club, Daren Smith and Ty Adams seem to believe so with their Florecent Dreams (F. Dreams) imprint release entitled Time of Our Lives. The DJ/Production duo definitely have the formula to what a good time is, having held residencies at such a big venue as the 40/40 club for more than five years, not to mention their current residencies as DJ’s for Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood and  Caesar’s Palace clubs. DJ Poun, who also happens to be the younger brother of Mega producer Just Blaze, states, when describing the single, that “everybody has those one or two nights, that they just would give anything to relive. That’s what this song is about-capturing that moment.” F. Dreams describes their craft as being founded on the principles of passion and respect when it comes to their love of music, and draw influences from hip hop, soul and dance music – a mix that will have listeners either dancing or nodding their heads to the beat. For what this track is, which is a celebration record, DJ Poun and Ty Adams definitely provide a sense of what a night to remember is all about, not only through the melody and DJ Poun’s lyrics bouncing off your eardrums, but with the visuals you see on screen. You can’t look hard all day long, sometimes you gotta dance and vibe out to the music, and trust that Time of Our Lives is  the perfect song to do that with. Listen, watch and enjoy.




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