royceBIRTH | When the Music Stops (2012 Video)

Mellow, Jazzy, nice drums, and meaningful lyrics. Anybody who hears/sees Toronto artist royceBIRTH’s latest video offering will respond with a similar list of words to describe what they hear/see with When The Music Stops.  “I wonder if they hear what I say, and if it will play 30 years from today…” These words stated by Royce in the opening of the track give him the image of an emcee who wants to resonate with listeners a long time down the road, which in and of itself is a beautiful thing, since a lot of artists live in the now and focus on how much they can acquire immediately, with no intent to bury meaning and timelessness in their music. The video is straight hip hop as it follows Royce walking through the city as he rhymes and digs through record crates, (a hobby I’m sure a lot of us enjoy).  royceBIRTH has got something special here and his reflection on what’s to become of his music when his career comes to a close is something a lot of artists can, and should, relate to because at some point an artist wants to touch hearts, minds, and souls – and above all else, artists hope to be remembered for something meaningful. View, listen and be reborn…




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