Fonz | Life’s Fly (2012 Video)

There are many things that come with the territory of being an emcee. For instance, but not limited to; spitting what you believe in, telling a story, rapping about money, cars, clothes, girls and definitely taking a stance on how hot and untouchable you are on the mic. Any emcee worth his or her weight in gold should possess this trait as a means to letting the world know that the brand he or she is putting out is real, and backed by the pursuit of achieving greatness based on confidence, performance, and content. Enter Houston Texas area spitter Fonz who’s new video “Life’s Fly” provides a nice look into the kind of emcee he is. Fonz embodies a rapper who is confident and believes in what he pens with verses like: “And sorry Martin Luther this ain’t really how you planned it, but sometimes I holla nigga, so these niggas understand it. Dropped out of college baby that was my call, quit part time rappin’ so I gave it my all…” Life’s Fly is a straight here’s a look into what I do type record set on top of a boom bap, rock sampled beat with slight hook changes throughout. Definitely worth more than a few listens, prepare to nod your head, cause Fonz has something to tell you.




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