Stealth | iExcel (2012 Video)

A little different than what you’d expect from an Atlanta based emcee, Stealth opens up his mental window and allows us to view what he has penned as it comes alive over a gritty percussion heavy, drum and bass track, backed by cuts featuring Nas’ classic words, “I excel, then prevail…” Stealth’s offering, “iExcel”, sounds more like what you would hear from 90’s hip hop group, Group Home, as far as the Premo sounding backdrop and the way the video was shot. (The group which Stealth happens to be paying homage to.) However the flow is all his own; with iExcel, Stealth is showcasing that he has bar strength, lyrical ability and dexterity, which is evident upon watching the 2:40 video, which is shot in the classic I got a beat, I got rhymes, and a camera, so step into my world approach – a style that never gets old when trying to showcase raw talent, which Stealth undoubtedly has. iExcel is a good listen and Stealth is definitely an artist to keep an eye on because, as he states, “I’m different than these rappers, we ain’t the same chemically, we don’t line up, so we ain’t the same symmetry…” Which means he has something different to bring to the table, which is probably why he excels… View, listen, and be open…




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