Blame One | Classic Hits (2012 Video)

Blame One is an underground staple who has been involved in the culture for roughly two decades.  Blame is an artist who continues to stand behind the belief that dope beats and dope rhymes combined with an individual’s unique persona and perspective is the winning formula for good music; he is also an artist who walks that talk.  Here with Classic Hits, produced by JSupreme, Blame One (with the aid of tekkTRON Films) adds visuals to his, well, classic track from his latest LP, Endurance.  This track is one that is good to listen to on the move, but should definitely be absorbed when one can take a few minutes to watch and listen as Blame lays out some of the basics of hip hop.  The first track off of Endurance, The Elders, explains that Blame finds it necessary for hip hop heads to respect those who came before and to pass on the legacy to those who follow – this is him putting that notion into action.  SAC was fortunate enough to feature an interview with Blame One in our first edition of our quarterly newsletter; you can click HERE to read up on how Blame One has found the endurance to continue to make classic hits (be patient as the .pdf takes a minute to upload).  Please LISTEN to what Blame is saying on this record and SHARE the video with friends!

Peace and Love,



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