Calvin Valentine | Red Eye Flights feat. Sam Trump & N.VS (2012 Video)

You had better come correct after the huge intro from Isaac Hayes’ Walk On By, which provides the entrance for Calvin Valentine, Sam Trump and N.VS -I would say that the trio doesn’t fall short of the grand entrance either.  As with many of the hungry indie labels putting out music in this vein currently, Get Live Studios is really putting in work.  This is my first experience with Calvin Valentine and Sam Trump, but they earned SAC’s ears via N.VS’ video for his First Song, which can be viewed HERE.  Valentine has a niche all his own among his label mates and within Fangtshida; he is very syncopated with his rhymes and he doesn’t try to fill in every space of the beat with syllables, he simply lets the beat breath and rides it.  Sam Trump is dope on the hook and N.VS beasts the second verse.  The concept of the track is clever, and the three artists look like they had a good time getting into character for the video.  Listen.  Enjoy.  Share.

Peace and Love,



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