Amari Mar | Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth (Album Review 2012)

Amari Mar brings forth a solid effort on his recent mixtape entitled Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth. He clearly has a desire to preserve hip-hop that is based on the spoken word and how messages are conveyed. The undertone of the album pays homage to Guru and Rakim and a time period when certain artists were able to flourish based solely on their subject matter and delivery. This model has never been the most popular but has always resonated with folks that appreciate street narratives and more introspective themes. The New York emcee keeps the slur in his voice and brings beats that will resonate through project walls and on train lines alike. Hosted by the legendary hip hop icon, Kool G Rap, and featuring a slew of appropriate producers, the mixtape definitely commands more attention as is it goes on. One of the standout tracks is Mic Wreckers, featuring up and comer JS.  God Bless the DJ sends shouts to the often over-shadowed men and women that navigate the turntables. Amari’s production quality remains of distinct proportion throughout the mixtape. This is evidenced most in tracks like Speak My Mind and the emphatic We Too Raw. Each track has a sincere quality that invites you to know not just the music but also the man. Introspective observations and appropriately aligned beats make this a good listen. There may be too many cooks in hip-hop’s kitchen, but not all of them are making broth. You can appreciate Amari Mar for thickening the soup.


Antonio Cortez Appling

To checkout the album click the link below:


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