Sunni Colon | Dearly Beloved (2012 Album)


Sunni Colon has a quality that denotes polished production and intent. The first line of the first song queries, “imagine all the things we can do?” His audio landscapes seems to retort, “anything.” On his EP entitled Dearly Beloved the rapper/singer definitely contributes eleven tracks of what represents current rhythm and blues and hip-hop music representation. He intermingles synthesized melody and thematic instrumentation with succinct, varied flows and cinematic movements.

On the early trackShrines he combines dope instrumentation with a captivating mid hook. It has the feel of that four am, driving home on a barren freeway music. This is a well captured and produced effort that has potent layering capturing the fullness of the artists sound and the wonderment of his colorful undertones. Stargaze has the thump of a wizardry hip-hop beat mixed with the edge smoothing of pomp drums and strings. This is the way people will craft music for the next five years if they are hip to what people like but don’t know yet. The second half of the album is definitely smoothed out and slowed down but still has great moments of musicality.

Comparing him to his contemporaries is organic, yet futile and limiting. If you had mentioned the styles of various popular rhythm and blues artists from the mid nineties the formula would seem similar also. Let this project be its own and not likened via similes to other singers of the day. Ditch the comparisons and let it speak.

We will see if Colon can continue to develop and craft his unique pathway in an industry constructed a la sameness.

Other Stand Out Tracks:

Beautiful Transformation – It’s like listening to Zelda singing love songs to his swords.

Bonus Track – Marching music.

Click below to enjoy Dearly Beloved:


Antonio Cortez Appling


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