Swerve | Yesterday’s Gone featuring Co$$ (2012 Song)

As a lead up to his 2dopeboyz sponsored mixtape, Sacramento bred emcee Swerve is offering his latest single (produced by DJ Mentos). On this one he employs the skills of Co$$ (a fresh rhymer in his own rite). This track is a journey into the world of the reminiscent man as he explains how he makes his way in a world that can be difficult…often. The sample lingers on in the end, “tomorrow is gone” leaving the listener remembering that the past is in the rear view and the present is upon us. Smooth guitaring at the beginning sets the tone for this mellow headnodder. Swerve shines lyrically and offers a glimpse into why 2dopeboyz cosigned his fresh. The mixtape is due out on the 18th featuring SAC favorite Sene, along with the aforementioned Co$$ and SYG. Peep the fresh album artwork by Shake and cop the mixtape next Wednesday.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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