Swerve | So Many Days feat. Sene (prod. by D-Rock) (2012 Song)

Music is a funny thing.  While I was reviewing Swerve’s last submission, The Getaway, I was thinking, “man, this guy’s music possesses a quality much like that of Sene”.  Little did I know that the very next day I would receive a submission on which Swerve features Sene!  The Barrelhouse LP is going to be in the ranks among the top underground albums of the year for sure.  This track supplies everything the hip hop head could possibly ask for: dope sample and drums, serious/playful lyricism, and it’s relatable.  Swerve describes his perseverance in the game in his verse and recognizes the uncertainty that that game is known for in his hook.  Sene effortlessly falls right into his verse, as is his m.o., and takes a more literal approach to “the struggle” and draws connections between the music and daily life.  This track is guaranteed to be in heavy rotation in the commute playlist.  Listen.  Enjoy.  Share.

Peace and Love,



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