D Will x Dominique Larue | Circulate (2012 Video)

I remember when I first saw this video. I was at the EIC of SAC’s house and he was in, “let me show you something” mode. When the track began something resonated with me from the past. It was reminiscent of a young Heather B rocking the mic with a Jeanius Jean Grae sort of demeanor. Dominique Larue murders this track. Sort of the same way that The Cosby Show was a good sit-com not just a good “black sit-com”; this is a good track, not a “good track for a female emcee.” This is better than some of the dudes we post on this very site. The video makes a striking social commentary also as we watch a young man, armed with a Spidey mask and good intentions, rob a liquor store only to return home to have his mother throw the dirty money in his face (shout out to Chuck_You for the visuals). I guess the money circulating in The O (Ohio) is not by any means. Good thing the hip-hop is.

Click below to check out the mixtape collaborative effort with D Will entitled  “diem” out now. Also research 2010’s “carpe.”


Antonio Cortez Appling


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