Karniege | Dat’s Word x La Familia (2012 Video)

Bushwick is in the building. Veteran emcee Karniege gives us a look into his dual worlds on this Fatboi Film Production. On Dat’s World the production smacks you right in the head and it takes a while to recover. This is straight spit with no chaser, clear purpose and direction. He is letting us know that he can kick a 16 over a hype track that holds water. Listeners receive sixty seconds of that Brooklyn borough packaging that we’ve come to appreciate and respect over the last twenty years of hip-hop. Right when your head is nodding properly the first track ends and we are inside the club for La Familia. This isnot the “night club” but the underground hip-hop spot that you might find in any city in America. You got the promoter and stage manager harping and the production company telling you to get inside to avoid problems with local authorities and non-music savvy neighbors. Karniege ruggedly takes the mic out to the cypher to show the streets that this is not just a stage show but a within the streets scrimmage that is close to the people. This is three minutes that definitely has you eager to hear more Karniege.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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