Sincere Vega x Wesley Wright | Forsaken (Letter to Wes) (2012 Song)

Refreshing. On Forsaken Vega beckons, “Don’t be that 99 percent when you slid up in that booth.” That “99” is of course, the watered down, masses of hip-hop’s current mainstream commonplace. With the slow flow initiation the listener is wondering whether this is going to be another off beat rapper attempting to make a name in hip-hop without taking the time to learn the basics of beat riding. It is not. What is crafted on this track is an intimate portrayal and intellectual narrative of the aspiring rapper. 17-year-old Wesley Wright creates a haunting down beat that is both speakeasy and alleyway simultaneously. As the sample declares, “I’m like a child…” This homage to youth doubles as a metaphor for the maturation and often-stumbling task that befuddles musicians. Even upon third listen you will discover lyrical gems that give a more descriptive understanding of the intricacies that make up Sincere Vega. Whether it is an extended female metaphor or honest wordsmithin’ Vega pleases. He mentions that the “blogs” were not feeling him in the beginning, well SAC salutes and sends love.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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