G.O.O.D Music on the cover of COMPLEX | (News)

G.O.O.D. Music is an anomaly in hip-hop today. They are able as a record label to put out music that achieves on miraculous levels commercially. They however, still have a fistful of roots in historical, hip-hop tradition because of the creativity of their roster.  Complex magazine has decided to celebrate and promote what is probably the coolest collective in the industry today. No one is trying to go 8-on-8 with these cats.  Check out the hard copy of this article hitting newsstands this month. Did Pusha say he passed on the N-words in Paris beat? Wow. Watch the video to learn more about the movement and the ideology behind the cohort.

Here is that esteemed roster:

Kanye West – Ringleader and El Cap

Common – The Underground Legend

Q – Tip – The Architect

Two Chainz – The Buzz. Mr. Guest Feature right now

Pusha T – The Resurrected Clipse Wordsmith

Big Sean – Boy Wonder

Kid Cudi – The Diversity

John Legend – The Crooner

Cruel Summer will be out later this month.

Behind the scenes video from the shoot


Antonio Cortez Appling


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