Flying Lotus x Earl Sweatshirt x Captain Murphy | Between Friends (2012 Audio)

When I think of Odd Future I don’t think of Tyler or those other Ladera Heights youth. Instead I think of the teenager whose mom heard his outlandish lyrics and sent him away to boarding school and it drove the blogasphere crazy. People were clowning ES’s mom and it was kinda out of hand. Either way the kid is back and spitting as ruthless as ever. FlyLo contributes a decent verse and an especially Galaxy Foamposite like beat…it gets really special around 2:25 (knocks). Check the audio and google: Adult Swim Single Series for more on where this single will land. I haven’t a clue who Cpt. Murphy is…maybe it is Eddie Murphy eating Captain Crunch in the eighties or maybe its Tyler. Google: Galaxy Foamposites also..if you don’t know.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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