Rakim | The Definition of a Classic | (Mini-Documentary 2012)

“This is a journey through sound.”

Rakim Allah is considered by most to be the dopest emcee of all time. Back in 2005, I saw Rakim, Brother Ali and Ghostface Killah in San Francisco.The line up was craze and the concert was classic. Rakim I feel passed a torch to Ali that night. After watching this video I think that my Rakim flag flies higher now than ever. He truly is a special, irreplaceable part of the hip-hop diaspora. His legendary tracks and albums with Eric B and the rebirth joints with Dre on the production are wonderful moments. Ra remains stoic and pivotal and responsible for changing hip-hop rhyme scheming and adding increased ntellectualism. Rakim is a vital entity in hip-hop and he is still alive, where so many of his caliber have been washed away or claimed by the root of all evil. This video will serve as a tutorial for many and a nostalgic time piece for others. I’m always in awe of how good  the G.O.A.T looks, bald-headed, beard, as a beacon of eternal hip-hop lore (even his complexion is timeless). Sponsored by Reebok Classics x Complex Magazine it’s good to see corporate doing something righteous in music. Featuring Primo and a plethora of people who were there (in the time) this documentary will restore the master plan.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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