Louis Vuitton presents: Yasiin Bey (Formerly known as Mos Def) x Muhammad Ali


Louis Vuitton has decided to pay tribute to the man Ali in their most current campaign entitled, The Greatest Words. They enlisted a champion in his own write in Yasiin Bey. Bey gets his Def Poetry on and breaks down two of the famous speeches of boxer Muhammad Ali a la the spoken word interpretation. Graffiti-artist Niel SHOES Meulman provides the Calligraffiti. Ali was always known for being a man who knew how to use his words and then subsequently back them up:


I’m so fast I can turn off the light and be in bed before it gets dark.

That type of verbiage is what made Ali not just a great champion but an iconoclast. His words still echo in the braggadocio of emcees lyrics and the trash talk of athletes. One documentary hailed Ali as the “first emcee” and after watching these videos it’s hard to argue.

LV writes:

“This journey is about a man who stood up for the ideals he believed in, a man whose victories but also defeats left a mark on the world, a man whose incisive words reached billions and still echo today.

A man named Muhammad Ali.  

Mr. Ali, we salute you for inspiring us to be poetic in all we do.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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