Homeless | Get Gone feat. K.Raydio (2012 Video)

“I’m ‘a write a happy song when the statues are on their sides”


That line is representative of Homeless’ music and gives the listener insight into the purpose of his music – yes, some still purposefully craft art with the intention of moving an audience to change, to grow, to DO something.  It may be a bit self indulgent, but I have to say that this line makes me think of a couple of other quotes from meaningful contributors to hip hop culture:

“fantasy is what peoople want, but reality is what they need”

                                                                                         -Lauryn Hill

“I’ll hang my boots to rest when I’m impressed, so I triple knot ’em and forgot ’em”

                                                                                                                                  -Aesop Rock

Homeless finds a comfortable well, home, among artists like the two above whose music is more than a ticket to fame and possibly fortune.  I was won over by Homeless’ Patience Makes Lighter and have been a fan ever since, though I shamefully admit I was unaware of just how much material he has put out since (you can check it out HERE).  Get Gone is lyrically dense and WILL take multiple listens if you are really trying to absorb all of the social commentary available within.  The simply effective video by Adam J. Dunn helps the listener/viewer to focus on the lyrics and not get distracted.  The chorus is provided by K.Raydio and is as heavy as the verses and her vocals help to affirm the serious tone set by Homeless.  Convicting.  Refreshing.  Heavy.

Peace and Love,



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