N.VS | Focus (2012 EP)

Get Live Studios is hard at work in the Pacific northwest and so is each of it’s artists/groups.  Last Friday N.VS, one of GLS’ premier artists, dropped the highly anticipated Focus EP, following the release of the First Song video a while back (the video quality alone will make want to love N.VS).  N.VS seems to be focused on proving that he deserves to stand tall among the ranks of the underground’s best emcee/producer/engineer renaissance men.  Not only does N.VS show his ability to create and deliver dope music from top to bottom, he also shows his ability to deliver a fresh, while not wholly “original”, perspective at the same time.  Topically N.VS also provides variety, from philosophy, to materialism, to clever weed references, to politics, to family and so on, which is nice as we find ourselves surrounded by those who embrace the neo-jiggy era that is anything but cleverly versatile.  If this ep is, as most are, being used to whet our palettes in preparation for the LP, then we are in for a quite a treat as this snack is quite substantial.  Listen.  Enjoy.  Share.

Peace and Love,



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