Air Jordan Golden Moments Package Release x Macklemore | Wings ( 2011 Video)

In downtown Long Beach outside of Proper sneaker boutique there is a line of about fifteen chairs. Why would someone do such a random thing with four legged furniture? Well…in the name of sneakers. These young men and women are campers and they are holding position in order to get limited edition Jordan’s. In this case we are talking about the Air Jordan “Golden Moments” package consisting of the Jordan 6’s and 7’s retrofitted with gold accents and colorway. Now mind you, these shoes come out on Saturday and some of these cats have been out there since early this week. These are a true LE and will go for double the retail by the middle of the day on Saturday. They will sell out instantly at Proper and all throughout the country. For more details watch the video below:

Video courtesy of: NiceKicks

Hip-hop and sneakers go hand in hand and I hope to write a more in depth piece about the connections between the two cultures for SAC in the future, but for now one of the best sneaker videos by a hip-hop artist I’ve ever seen: Macklemore’s  2011 video “Wings.” Directed by Zia Mohajerjasbi.

Shout out to my boy MJ and all the retired Shoe Heads that love and appreciate the culture and community. It was nice to stand on the block and reminisce about LA Gears with Ari (Kalamari Beats) talking about how air bubble’s made us feel like we could fly.

We still can.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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