Paradox & DJ Sean P | Mending (2012 Bonus Tracks)

Paradox and DJ Sean P help to “mend” the fracture that exists between two of hip hop’s often distant sub-genres, underground/indie hip hop and Christian hip hop. I am not a proponent of the divisions that exist in our genre, but to ignore those divisions would be silly. That said, it is refreshing to come across music that is simply good, and that achieves its purpose without having to do so heavy-handedly. Paradox, and the multitude of features here, unabashedly drop gems laden with their personal philosophies atop chopped soul samples and drum breaks with a great measure of authenticity and sincerity that is often lacking in today’s music.

There is so much content in each 16-bar verse, that to try to delve into the “mixtape” of sorts track by track would take quite some time – so I will just share some standouts and heavily suggest that you download or stream the album (and please buy it if you enjoy what you hear – support independent artists!): 1. Here Lies is an excellent opening track and is a headfirst dive into the pool of content presented on Mending. 2. Go Outside just feels good. 3. Blessed Broken Shared opens up with the sample by itself and pulls the listener in effortlessly (the production feels like Apollo Brown) and the three emcees do the beat justice, rhythmically and lyrically. 4. Not Worth opens up similarly, with a soul stirring sample and then a scratch by DJ Sean P containing a line from The Boogiemonsters, providing a framework for the track and letting the true underground hip hop heads know that they know what’s up. Last, 5. Man VS. Self features one of my favorite emcees of all time, Manchild of MarsIll. This track takes the favorite track title from me from vibe alone – this is the track that has gotten the most rotation thus far.

Mending is a great broad sweeping stroke of sound which will provide one with a general understanding of Paradox and his camp of like-minded artists.

Listen. Enjoy. Share.

Peace and Love,



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