Ecstra Kool | Sketches of Broccoli (2012 Beat Tape)

Ecstra Kool was first put in front of me via a track he produced for an SAC favorite, EQ (listen HERE). Sketches of Broccoli is a buffet of dope jazzy samples, chopped drum breaks, and smooth bass lines – a healthy beatmaker’s diet. This is something that is guaranteed to satisfy any hip hop head’s hunger for instrumentals and will certainly be agreeable to his/her palate. Ecstra Kool’s kitchen is where all young producers and emcees should be eating, giving them a healthy understanding of the essential ingredients for any authentic hip hop recipe. It is time to empty your refrigerator, pantry and mp3 library of all the processed nonsense and to return to the raw foods that nourish. Listen. Enjoy. Share.

Peace and Love,



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