Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | Thrift Shop feat. Wanz (2012 Song)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis forcefully propel the pendulum in the opposite direction we saw (heard) them swing with Same Love with the release of their second single off of The Heist.  The production here is super playful and is like a clubby-vibed Brass Monkey.  In typical Macklemore fashion, we find light-hearted, humorous lyricism with a pinch of social commentary and an all around good time.  While I tend to gravitate toward Macklemore’s more serious material, this song is phenomenally produced – production that is uber relevant in the current state of hip hop and is still good, and is lyrically sound as well.  SAC impatiently awaits the arrival of the heavy, socially conscious, the playful, and everything in between that is sure to be found on The Heist on October 9th.

Peace and Love,



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