Poetic Death | Castlevania feat. Gavlyn (2012 Video)

The internet is a funny thing – it can become a sponge that soaks up hours of your time, or it can be used as a useful resource, yielding great fruitfulness. Tonight I found some of the fruit that can be borne of convenience and intertwined-ness of Youtube. I was watching a DJ Nu-Mark music video and came across an emcee by the name of Gavlyn in the related video queue. I then proceeded to click on the channel publishing her videos and the video above was the featured video…

Both Poetic Death and Gavlyn come out swingin’ at any emcee that might try to argue that they, and their Organized Threat family, are not at the top of the hip hop food chain; they are right in doing so too. This was a good find. Watch. Enjoy. Share.

Peace and Enjoy,



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