EQ | Fractions (2012 Mixtape)

Click the album cover to download the mixtape at Datpiff.com

Fractions by (b)east coast emcee, EQ, dropped today and SAC heavily recommends heavy rotation of the entire mixtape.  EQ announced that Fractions will be the last of a long list of mixtapes that have been released recently, at least for now.  And he assured us he would keep our appetites appeased via “collaborations, singles and videos”.  Seems good economics is yet another arrow in the young marksman’s quiver – build a strong demand with a quality product and then limit the supply.

Fractions opens up with a slow, emphatic beat with a healthy balance of synth and orchestral elements (which happens to have been produced by EQ himself – yeah, he does that too… and well).  The Difference is the thesis statement of the mixtape, making the argument early on that there is a difference between real and fake, hip hop and rap, those who have paid dues and those who think dues are owed them, artists and opportunists.  EQ then shows that he can find a Balance among others who dwell at the polar extremes of hip hop.  While I could walk you through the entire mixtape in great detail, I will just touch on a few more notable and HEAVILY suggest you head over to Datpiff.com and download Fractions for free (just click on the album cover above).  The Cycle is an insightful piece of social commentary and really emphasizes the fact that intelligence and critical thinking are essential elements of a true emcee’s being.  Celebration is a bit of a deceiving title.  The premise for the song is that a 21st birthday is being celebrated, but the tone of the track is super introspective – a bit of heady irony from the youngster.   This is one of my favorites from EQ so far given the intensity and honesty.  One of the beautiful aspects of music, perhaps the most beautiful aspect, is that God has seen it fit as a medium which mirrors the Sanctuary we find in His presence.  This track is an authentic reflection of such – I became so enraptured by the presence in this track that it almost brought me to tears, and did give me goose bumps.  Enough said.  Get this.  Listen.  Enjoy.  SHARE.

Peace and Love,



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