Aesop Rock | Cycles to Gehenna (2012 Video)

Aesop Rock’s self-produced album, Skelethon, was released a couple of months ago and Cycles to Gehenna is the second video release from the LP.  The instrumental intro should reel in any listener and, I would imagine, makes one a fan of the track before ever even hearing the riddling emcee’s hypnotic flow.  As is usual, one must dig, and not right below the surface, but really dig, in order to come to any comprehensible understanding of Cycles to Gehenna.  It seems very much like to word “cycles” in the title means bicycle or motorcycle and “Gehenna” is a place spoken of by Jesus in the New Testament where Jerusalem would burn her trash and where existence was hellacious.  The implication is that there are some who are cycling to hell.  Now, the chorus seems to be juxtaposing science and faith.  Combining the two is difficult and will take many more listens to make sense for us, so if you are able to find further meaning, please drop some knowledge in a comment.  Listen (a whole lot).  Enjoy.  Share.

Peace and Love,



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