Aesop Rock | Zero Dark Thirty (2012 Video)

Aesop Rock’s first release off of the recent Skelethon LP.  Aesop Rock is known for his intricate lyricism and gritty, “abstract” production.  He marries the two on Skelethon, and if Zero Dark Thirty is representative of the other tracks on the album, then Aes Rock fans are in for a treat.  While the verses are somewhat cryptic, not unusual for A.R., the chorus is fairly straight forward and serves as the layperson’s window into the track.  It seems that “down from a hunt-able surplus to one” means that there are many “elusive youth” trying to contribute to the culture, but that because they are “choke”-ing the the stories they are telling with the “terrifying future tongue” they speak with, they are made irrelevant.  It would then seem that the “one” would be Aesop Rock, which is a bold statement, but also a crucial part of hip hop – unwavering confidence.  Listen (a lot).  Enjoy.  Share.

Peace and Love,



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