Brother Ali | Mourning in America

Brother Ali has been transforming into the man that we see (hear) here right before our eyes. He began telling very personal stories that related well to audiences because the themes within were universal themes. We saw that beginning to change with tracks like Freedom Ain’t Free from The Undisputed Truth, and we really see the change on the entire Us album, an album chock full o’ Ali telling stories of others, and laden with themes everyone can still relate to. Mourning in America, the title track off of Ali’s forthcoming album (due out 09/18) is heavy, and is telling of the material we can expect from the confident Rhymesayer as he goes in on production provided by Jake One. Here, as is the norm with Ali, we see the honest, raw ugliness of America held under a magnifying glass, focused on the killing/violence carried out under the freedom/protection/orders of the government, exposing the hypocrisy of carrying out terrorist acts in the name of anti-terrorism. Get ready for weighty content on Mourning in America, but also be prepared for the second half of the album, which Ali claims contains the hope of renewal and redemption of our society. Listen. Enjoy. Share.
Peace and Love,

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