Beatsmith Resist | Philthy Phalangez (2012 Beat)

Beatsmith Resist gives listeners/viewers a taste of what is to be expected of his forthcoming instrumental album with the video release of the title track, Philthy Phalangez.  Horrifyingly hypnotic, the track reels the listener in and is one part creepy and one part dope.  Walter Gross’ visuals perfectly depict the sound for our eyes.  Resist is a producer’s producer and has a unique sound while remaining faithful to the long line of producers who have come before him.  If (which I know you did) you enjoyed the audio content here, you will love the instrumental album, Philthy Phalangez, which drops on election day (Nov. 6th) – Resist is known to speak his piece regarding the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to politics, so it makes sense that he would release his soundscape on such a day.

Peace and Love,



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