Phora | We Cannot Believe We Missed This Emcee (Misc. Videos)

Not sure how music this dope, and from right here in the LA area, snuck by us.  Thank God for students with good taste in music and the passion to share it.  I was just introduced to Phora today and had to post some of my findings and thoughts.  If you have an hour, or just five minutes, poke around and give ear to Phora below:

The romantic guitar sample (one many hip hop heads are familiar with) is provided by Anthro Beats and lends itself to Phora’s musings on A Song For Her.  This shows the softer side of the young emcee.

The west coast anthem Sunny California has an 80’s nostalgia thanks to the beat by K-Fiyat and Phora hits SAC in the gut since we reside in the west and “don’t know who the f*** [he is]” (haha).  Better late than never fam.

Lately I find myself drawn to the introspective songs from newer artists I come across and Lately continues that streak.  Phora lets his listeners in to get to know the person behind the artist here and he actually reminds me of a handful of my students – I am going to have to push him heavily to my students who love real hip hop and maybe even make some converts to those who love radio rap.

The Experiences we have, interacting with our natural dispositions, make us who we are; here Phora gives a nod to Tupac via the rechop of the sample from Me Against The World and recounts how he has become the young man before us.

It seems like Just Like My Father is a great bookend for this brief introduction to one of the most exciting young men coming up in the underground scene in the greater LA area right now.  Click HERE to follow the trail of videos that YouTube will lead you down on a journey to discover more about Phora.  Watch.  Enjoy.  Share


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