GENERIK | Sweaters In The Summer (2012 Album)

I first met Generik and Anek at Urban Underground when it was hosted at the Kava Lounge.  The duo (LNC) put on an energetic, entertaining set and obviously had a local following.  Both artists were super down to earth and were more inviting than one might imagine well known locals to be.  Generik’s beatboxing was certainly a refreshing element for all in attendance.  But it wasn’t until the Typical Cats show that I would realize just how much of an underground staple was.  When TC calls up a local boy to rock the mic alongside them, you know he must have a rep – one he undoubtedly upheld.

All that to say, Generik is dope.  Not only can he be lyrically dexterous, he is a renowned beat boxer, he produced the album and mixed/mastered the album as well.  Sweaters In The Summer can best be described as a summer inside the head of a mad scientist.  It certainly has the laid-back, west coast vibe of a summer album (much like Dannu’s Virgo Summer) but it is deeply contemplative and somewhat introverted, giving it a unique vibe.  Due to it’s cerebral nature, this album will require multiple listens to be fully enjoyed.  Listen.  Enjoy.  Share.

Peace and Love,


PS – SAC will be fully reviewing the album for our fall quarterly, due out Oct. 31st.


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