Pragmatic Theory | Summer In The City (2012 Beat Tape)

Pragamtic Theory is a collection of artists that spreads its message worldwide through its music. On Summer In The City the collective drops off a hefty protion of beats made fresh for the summer. Though it is technically the Fall, the beats reflect the heat wave that is currently moving through the West, offering a second-Summerish feel. Ranging from the sounds of J Dilla to the intricacy of Madlib, this project offer gems to be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.

SAC Reccomends:

CΔNS – Foolish – Nasty beat with a Dilla steez and Jay-Z audio bytes. This beat pumps and creates a wonderful mellow syncopation.

GlyphickMaybe When U: Chill, ambient beat with the jazzy feel of seventies soul and moms making catfish while swaying to the record.

Floyd Cheung – Your World: A good sample will haunt and change your life. This beat has one of those dynamic samples that promotes head nods and raised hands. “If I ask you…”

Man Ofn Then Down & Afryx Q – Un Giro In Bici, E Una Birra: This for the people. Has a twist of Kalamari Beat’s with dope launches and settles that are so well laid out you let the beat ride the beat…no emcee required.

Constrobuz – Cheap Skate: Dopest beat on the album. It has a reminiscent, somber quality that both is reflective and soulful.

Handbook – The Message: Flash the message somethings out there. Excellent handiwork.

ScaleZ – Close Encounters: A dirty dujo met up with an ATLien and they had this baby. Ill.

Keith Price – Drawurown – Finishing strong is this beat that features a abandoned guitar and cross faded sample goodness.

Summer In The City is the soundtrack for a balmy night. Grab your libations and your good friends and put this on.

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