MC Trankwel | Hype Sold Separately (2012 Album Teaser)

Social media is interesting.  If not for the powerful networking capabilities I would undoubtedly “unplug”, but as my meeting MC Trankwel via FB’s suggestion evidences, it can lead to great things – like SAC being privileged enough to listen to and share MORE quality music with our readers.  After a bit of miscommunication, Trankwel sent us the link to the video above, the trailer for Hype Sold Seperately, his soon to be released mixtape which will contain 11 tracks (including the two snippets contained in the video I believe).  Two minutes and nine seconds can teach one a lot about an artist: skilled in beatboxing, focused on the craft and not the cash, aggressive, certainly confidence/presenence, precise timing, alliterations that are par with 2Mex, etc. – these are skills (except beatboxing possibly) which every TRUE EMCEE must embody, but many nowadays do not.  Listen.  Enjoy.  Anticipate.

Peace and Love,



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