Kendrick Lamar | On The Road (Mini-Doc) Life + Times

Being that today is the posthumous release of Kendrick Lamar’s first album it is only fitting to acknowledge the impact that he has had within the last 365 days on the music industry. If you asked who is Kendrick Lamar before the release of his Section. 80 Mixtape last year, few (outside of Compton) would have acknowledged that they ever heard of the new Dr. Dre protege. What Kendrick has been able to do is cross over intellectual street tales and merge them with a revolutionary delivery that has black people thinking Pac and white people thinking about the disparities that still exists between the two cultures. Transcendence lyrically is not a stereotypical association of Comptons rap landscape. However, the West Coast has once again been allowed to evolve and grow and present itself in a manner maybe unbefitting of its predecessors. This nuance is refreshing to those that would like to see the multifaceted undertones of West Coast hip-hop revealed.

This behind-the scenes video courtesy of Jay Z’s blog Life + Times give viewers and fans a taste of what it is like to be on the road riding a thoroughbred of buzz, fanfare and expectation. Follow fellow Black Hippies Jay Rock and Ab-Soul as they also relish in the life and time of the future of the West.

The album entitled, good kid, m.A.A.d city is out today. Feel free to buy a copy for you and for someone that needs to visit Compton and see glimpses of where it has been and windows to where it is going.


Antonio Cortez Appling


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